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GM Money Masters, 👋

The days of unending earning reports continue this week, and this time, PayPal took the stage for its quick rendezvous of fame (though leaning more on the drama side rather than a fairytale), even despite beating analyst estimates ($8.03b vs. $7.87b expected).

Basically, they’re saying 2024 is gonna be a year of dust, and as a result, the stock tumbled about 10% after the curtains opened.

On the bright side, however, SoftBank-backed chip designer, Arm, provided us more hope, and SoftBank reported its first quarterly profit in over a year, earning $6.4b in the last three months of 2023.

Let’s get into that. 👀


  • 🤖 Google Bard, No More
  • 📈 ARM Stock Surges 30%
  • 🤑 OpenAI Seeks Trillions for Chips

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  • Duolingo

⚰️ Google Bard is Dead, Long Live Google Gemini

Bad news. Someone died.

Well, not “somebody” but “something” not so memorable for many of us. Google’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) chatbot and OpenAI’s ChatGPT rival, Bard, is now lying in its grave.

The good news? Gemini is now here. So, not only is Google giving us a new flagship chatbot, they’re also giving us Gemini Advanced — the most capable LLM yet. (How many times have we heard this 🙄?)

Anyway, to use Advanced means you gotta cough up some cash.

Regardless, Gemini Advanced is the golden ticket here. For $20 a month, users not only get Ultra 1.0 but also a plethora of the new Google One Premium plan benefits (like 2TB of storage), and even existing Google One subscribers get a two-month free taste test.

With Ultra 1.0, Google claims Gemini Advanced is more wired to handle the higher-end of tasks like coding, logical reasoning, following nuanced instructions, and “longer, more detailed” conversations (I thought the whole point of chatbots was to save time).

Here’s the kicker though, Gemini is also available on your phone as an app for both Android and in the Google app on iOS. This means you can type, talk, and add images wherever you are…yes, even when you’re on the toilet 🚽.

For example, take a picture of your flat tire and then ask your companion for instructions (ladies, pay attention).

Android users, all you gotta do is download from Google Play. However, iOS users are at a bit of a disadvantage as it’s only currently available in the mobile browser; in-app integration to come in the future.

And for those who don’t wanna spare the extra dough, Google continues to provide its basic chatbot, the Gemini Pro model.

Basically, just like with all other new AI chatbots, it’s all trial and error here, folks. Let’s wait and see if these “advanced” features really do what they claim to do.

At least there’s one thing we can learn from Google: When in doubt, just change the name of your product.

Don’t stop here guys; there’s plenty more to learn about Google in our detailed tech insights you can find here.

📈 ARM Surges, And Then Some

In a significant market move on Wednesday, Arm (NASDAQ:ARM), the renowned UK-based tech company, witnessed a remarkable 30% surge in its stock value.

The upswing came after the company shared its optimistic outlook, predicting profits and sales for the current quarter that would surpass market expectations by a considerable margin.

Arm, recognized for its innovation in chip design, attributed its success due to a little thing called an insatiable appetite for their AI technology.

These guys are like the “big kahuna” in the semiconductor scene, providing chip plans to other tech companies.

Their market value shot up by a whopping $26b, hitting a high of $108 before settling at $93 at some point.

It’s pretty wild – Arm’s stock has almost doubled since it first went public at $51 in September 2023.

Something else to gleam over: the firm’s Armv9 chip design is making quite an impact, now accounting for 15% of the total royalty revenue, a jump from 10% in the last quarter. Impressively, Armv9 is generating royalties at twice the rate of its predecessor, Armv8.

SoftBank, Arm’s majority owner, must be doing a happy dance too these days as they’re in for a hefty profit.

Someone here deserves a mic drop 🎤.

Guys, don’t miss out on more tech insights on ARM that gives you more in-depth analysis for your investment needs.

🤑 OpenAI Wants Trillions in Dollars for Chips

OpenAI’s top dog, Sam Altman, is chatting it up with investors, including the UAE, to score some cash for a major tech project.

The goal? Amp up global chip-building skills and crank up the juice behind AI. Insiders have already spilled some tea that this initiative could require a jaw-dropping $5 to $7 trillion in funds.

Basically, it’s a move that could totally shake up the world of AI development.

Altman’s on a mission to tackle OpenAI’s growth challenges, especially the hiccup caused by a shortage of AI chips vital for training fancy language models like ChatGPT.

The Semiconductor Industry Association predicts a whopping 13.1% spike in global chip sales this year, hitting $595.3 billion.

Altman’s pitch? Bring OpenAI, investors, chip makers, and power providers together to pool resources and build chip foundries.

And how to pay for it? Oh, just a creative mix of debt and other cash sources.

Altman recently had a sit-down with the United States Commerce Secretary, Gina Raimondo, to chat about his plans. This powwow was essential because making the project a reality calls for the involvement of backers, industry pals, and governments from all corners of the globe.

SoftBank’s CEO, Masayoshi Son, and reps from chip fabrication firms like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing have been reportedly in talks with Altman regarding his venture as well.

While talks are just getting started, this initiative could be a game-changer for the future of AI tech.

And let’s not forget, this is all going down while OpenAI is sitting pretty at a mind-blowing $80 billion valuation from investors.

So, does Altman’s big idea of teaming up with key players in tech and energy reveal the wisest approach to tackle the roadblocks in AI progress? Let’s wait and see.

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“The foundation that GM has established coupled with Kurt’s exceptional battery expertise in leading battery chemistry development, establishing partnerships, building out supply chains and partnering closely with teams that have developed leading battery systems will help us achieve our electrification goals and position GM as a leader in EV technology.”

– GM president Mark Reuss regarding General Motors’ recent hiring of battery expert and “ex-Tesla executive” Kurt Kelty to be their new vice president of batteries

$1.5 billion. This is how much Disney (NYSE:DIS) will invest in Epic Games for an equity stake, leading to collaboration on a new games and entertainment universe, extending Disney stories and experiences. The teaser trailer suggests a new immersive universe where players can play, watch, create, and shop, emphasizing the magic of the collaboration.

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OpenAI‘s image creator, DALL-E 3, will now include watermarks in the image details as more companies adopt standards from the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA). These watermarks will be visible in images generated on the ChatGPT website and through the DALL-E 3 model’s API. Full story

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) introduced a facial recognition security tool, Face Check, designed to enhance safety measures for businesses. The tool, integrated into Microsoft Entra Verified ID, aims to provide a secure and user-friendly experience for digitally verifying various aspects of identity. It will work great in workplace and educational settings, offering a more secure access solution for organizations. Full story

Meta (NASDAQ:META) and TikTok are disputing fees imposed by EU regulators enforcing new content moderation rules under the Digital Services Act (DSA). Meta is displeased about paying a reported €11 million, especially as loss-making companies are exempt, while TikTok questions the calculation of its €3.9 million fee based on user numbers. Full story

Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) in Singapore has initiated a program to curb financial scams by preventing users from sideloading specific apps. The focus is on blocking sideloaded apps that misuse Android permissions to access one-time passwords received through SMS and notifications, identified as a common method for financial fraud. Google has identified four sets of permissions exploited by malicious actors. Full story

Uber (NYSE:UBER) achieved its first full-year profit since its 2019 IPO, with its stock reaching an all-time high. Strong bookings in the final quarter exceeded Wall Street expectations, contributing to the positive financial results. Unlike its last profitable year as a private company, where investments played a major role, Uber is now generating profits from its operations. Full story

Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA): Tesla’s January sales in South Korea hit a low with just one Model Y sold, the worst since July 2022. Consumer worries about inflation and the lack of charging infrastructure contributed to the decline, affecting overall electric vehicle sales in the country. Full story

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) released a revamped iCloud app for Windows, providing a smoother onboarding and content syncing experience for iPhone or iPad users without a Mac. The updated app, compatible with Windows 10 and 11, features a simplified setup process and a syncing status indicator for improved tracking of downloaded or uploaded items. Full story

Investors are pretty convinced that interest rates will drop later this year, but let’s be real, their track record on predicting this stuff isn’t stellar as we can see in this telling chart.

Wall Street has kind of been all over the place when it comes to guessing where interest rates are headed. A while back, hardly anyone thought the Federal Reserve would even touch 5%. Now, traders keep doubling down on bets that rate cuts are just around the corner, only to see that day push further away with every batch of strong economic data.

With so many new chatbots available for us, which do we choose? Surely, that’s a question lingering on most of our minds these days. This really comes down to what exactly you use it for. For simple tasks, there isn’t much “competition” between one app to the other. However, for more intense tasks like coding, one could see the difference.

So, in light of today’s news:

Do you plan on trying out Google’s Gemini?

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