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Countries and companies are watching the conflict in the Middle East very closely. The bloodshed is worrying, but it could also affect the stability of the world economy. Even JP Morgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon has expressed concerns.

And speaking of conflict, the US is about to up the ante on its tech war against China. New rules will further restrict exports.

On the brighter side, futuristic elements we once only saw in sci-fi movies are now becoming a reality. China has approved a 2-seater autonomous drone and Adobe has unveiled an animated dress! And if you are planning to jump ship, consider joining Nvidia since they won’t require you to report to the office.

Let us jump in. 🦘


  • Project Primrose – Adobe’s Space Age Dress
  • US Tightens Tech Exports to China
  • Nvidia is Workers’ Paradise
  • Flying Cars Are Here

💫 Project Primrose – Adobe’s Space Age Dress

The popular movie “The Hunger Games” had a scene wherein protagonist Katniss Everdeen wore a dress that changed in appearance and even had flames blazing out of it. It turns out that such futuristic apparel is now a reality. The latest fashion technology was unveiled at the Adobe MAX 2023 conference in Los Angeles.

Project Primrose was developed by Adobe ( NASDAQ: ADBE). It allows users to create magic by creating fashion that can change patterns using a low-power, non-emissive modular display – that is just a fancy way of saying it is reflecting and not producing its own light.

The technology was demonstrated by Adobe research scientist Christine Dierk. She wore a dress that could change its patterns as she moved. From simple straight lines, the patterns can change to water-like forms. The design can also be animated on cue.

This is something to watch out for. Consumers love products that allow them to express their personality. And at last, we can only own one piece of clothing and others won’t even know. Make it self-cleaning and Adobe would probably 10x its market cap in no time.

🚫 US Tightens Tech Exports to China

The battle for technological supremacy is not just confined to business circles. The US has imposed restrictions on technology exports to China, because of national security risks. However, if there is a will, then there is a way. Some advanced AI chips just a hairline below the sanction threshold are still being exported to the Red Dragon.

For example, the Nvidia H800 is essentially the nerfed version of the H100 chip, the Ferrari of AI chips. Chinese tech giants like Tencent, Alibaba, and Baidu are using the H800. It is not as flashy as Nvidia’s flagship product but is still powerful enough to support AI large language models and other complex operations.

Regulators have now realized that current restrictions are as effective as a sieve in holding water. The US is reportedly planning to roll out updated guidelines to plug-in holes in the current export restrictions. Consumer products like laptops will likely be exempted, but US companies still need a green light from the Commerce Department for orders including powerful chips.

This new rule is also expected to include Chinese companies that are located overseas.

China has already threatened to restrict exports of minerals and rare earth metals as a retaliation. Maybe they will threaten 70 million Americans with a TikTok ban. The horror! 😱

🏝️ Nvidia is Workers’ Paradise

Are you tired of commuting to work? Do you love working in your pajamas? Have you been a victim of the office lunch thief? If you answer yes to any or all of this, then Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) might be the perfect company for you. While most tech companies, like Meta, are asking their employees to report to the office, the chip maker is chill with letting their staff work from home.

In 2022, the trillion-dollar company’s CEO Jensen Huang expressed his approval of letting people work remotely and it seems like there is no change in this policy post-pandemic. At the same time, Nvidia is also offering five-star offices for those who miss the free office coffee or those who wish to collaborate face-to-face.

This is in stark contrast with other tech companies like Amazon and Meta. Amazon CEO Andy Jessy warned employees that, “It’s not going to work out for you” if they don’t report back to the office. Meta has gone full big brother by requiring staff to report thrice a week and their presence monitored by key cards.

Nvidia’s decision gives their employees the flexibility to balance personal life and work, which in turn could help retain talents. A happy employee is probably one of the best assets a company can have. How do you suppose Nvidia earned its reputation as the tech industry’s darling?

🛸 Flying Cars Are Here

The animated show The Jetsons showed a future where cars fly instead of navigating busy roads, and China is moving us closer to this reality. Ehang (NASDAQ: EH), a Guangzhou-based autonomous aerial vehicle company, has just received an airworthiness certificate from the Civil Aviation Administration of China.

Ehang’s product is an oversized autonomous drone that is capable of carrying two passengers. In case you are contemplating if it is safe to be traveling in a pilot-less aircraft, the company gave assurance that it has maintained a very good track record. Testing started in 2017 and no major accidents have been reported so far.

The company already said it now has 1,200 pre-orders from customers from Japan, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Its airworthiness certificate will make it easier to get similar approvals from other countries.

Are you excited that flying will be as easy as calling an Uber?

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“This may be the most dangerous time the world has seen in decades”

– Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan Chase CEO

Dimon made this statement in the context of the escalating conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine, which have the potential to impact the energy and food markets. He also aired his concern regarding the country’s $33.5 Trillion Debt.

$1.43 million/hour. This is how much Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos is earning. He is currently ranked the 3rd richest person in the world with a net worth of $155 billion. 💰

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Amazon (NASDAQ; AMZN) might have to rethink its strategy as TEMU is trying to eat up its market share. It is just a year old, but it already has 56 million monthly users in the US. TEMU has also reeled in customers by including games and freebies in its apps. The prices are also substantially cheaper, though the quality has been questioned by several users. Full story

Qualcomm (NASDAQ: QCOM), is reportedly laying off 1,200 workers in California. This represents 2.5% of its 50,000 employees. California laws require companies to declare impending job cuts to the Employment Development Department. It is unclear if other offices in other places will have similar moves since not everybody has the same rules. The cost-cutting measure was implemented due to economic uncertainties and low demand. Full story

Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) is giving away Model Y through a raffle. Tesla users with more than 1,000 referral credits can participate. Users can accumulate credits by having friends use their referral links to purchase or even test-drive Tesla vehicles. The winner will be selected in January 2024. Full story

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) may announce an iPad update this week. This will affect the iPad base model, the iPad Air, and the iPad mini. The upgrades are expected to be minor, with the iPad Air getting an M2 chip, and the iPad mini getting an A16 Bionic chip. Full story

Canon (TYO: 7751) now has a nanoimprint lithography (NIL) machine that can create parts as small as a 5 nm process node – let us just say that it is so small that Ant-man will probably feel at home with that size. This makes Canon a threat to ASML, a Dutch Company that produces photolithography machines, which are used to create computer chips. Full story

Thirty percent of the S&P 500 market cap is now composed of the Magnificent Seven. This group is composed of tech giants, Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOGL) Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA), and Meta (NASDAQ: META).

Soon enough, we will be living like the Jetsons, with flying cars and a robotic housekeeper. Our clothes will also change style and color on demand. Exciting times indeed!

However, doesn’t it bother you that these flying cars will probably be pilotless? If driverless cars are still not accident-proof, then what is our guarantee that we won’t be falling from the sky?

If they get approval, will you ride them right away?

Let us know by replying with a YES or NO to this email.

Thanks for reading, and may your investments thrive. 🙂


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