Robotic Transformers Have Arrived

GM Money Masters,

After a turbulent start to the new year, the rollercoaster ride of U.S. stocks seems to be slowing down, offering a glimmer of hope.

The tech sector took a hit yesterday, with the Magnificent Seven grappling through their fourth consecutive day in the red.

But hey, lets not start this Saturday morning in tears. Grab your coffee because 2024 is set to unleash some amazing new tech innovations including robotic transformers, smart home collaborations, and texting from space satellites.

Ready, set, fire.


  • Google Introduces Robotic Transformers 
  • Tesla’s Smart Home Affair with Samsung
  • SpaceX Launches First Phone Service Satellites

Google Ushers in The Future of Robotics

The brilliant minds at Google‘s DeepMind Robotics (NASDAQ:GOOGL) team have just unleashed not one, not two, but three new robotic wonders into the world.

Meet your new circuit friends: AutoRT, SARA-RT, and RT-Trajectory. These aren’t just fancy acronyms; they’re here to shake up the world of advanced robotics.

According to Google, we can now envision a future where a simple request to your personal helper robot – tidy the house or cook us a delicious – is all it takes to get those jobs done. 

Lets break down the robo trio:

  • AutoRT: Using Large Language Models and Visual Language Models, AutoRT coordinates multiple robots equipped with cameras and end effectors. Over seven months of testing, AutoRT safely commanded up to 20 robots simultaneously, handling a total of 52 unique bots.
  • SARA-RT: The speedster of the group. SARA-RT employs a self-attention mechanism to accelerate robotic decision-making, ensuring efficiency and quick responses with the best exhibiting 10.6% higher accuracy and 14% faster performance than RT-2 models.
  • RT-Trajectory: These utilize rough trajectory sketches to help robots generalize to new tasks. It can create trajectories by observing human demonstrations or accepting hand-drawn sketches, and can easily be tailored to different robot platforms.

Ah, how life will be without us needing to get off the couch and doing things ourselves. Cheers to 2024 and its wondrous creations. May these robots dance their way into our hearts and homes, one trajectory sketch at a time.

Tesla and Samsung Join Forces

Ahead of CES 2024, Samsung and Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) are set to steal the show with an epic collaboration to elevate our smart home experiences, as they say. (btw, I dont even have a smart home, so I should probably start making some renovations.)

Essentially, this power duo focuses on linking Samsung’s SmartThings Energy with Tesla’s Powerwall home battery, Solar Inverter, Wall Connector charging solutions, and electric vehicles, all made possible through Tesla’s open APIs.

So, why does this matter to them?

Basically, the perks for Tesla Energy customers are that they can now easily control their home’s power status through SmartThings Energy and the Tesla app. This partnership focuses on offering users detailed insights into energy production, storage, and usage, aiming for a more user-friendly experience.

In addition, the collaboration includes a useful “Storm Watch” function, alerting users to potential power disruptions during extreme weather.

While the CES 2024 showcase offers a glimpse, the full service is set to launch in Q2 2024, promising an advanced and interconnected smart home experience.

Shopping for a new home, anyone?

Texts From Space, Anyone?

The over-ambitious Elon has officially launched satellites to end the whole Can you hear me now? moments.

When the ball dropped on New Years, I remember thinking, how could 2024 possibly beat all the tech advancements introduced this last year. And it seems this year wont disappoint. 

SpaceX hurled a Falcon 9 rocket into the great abyss on Tuesday, cradling the inaugural batch of Starlink satellites dubbed direct-to-cell service designed to shoot signals straight to smartphones. 

Now, if you guys remember back in August 2022, Elon had struck a deal with some wireless carriers to rescue us from the clutches of dead zones. And T-Mobile US has already happily reported that the satellites are currently projecting their celestial magic in low-Earth orbit as of yesterday.

The initial service rollout will kick off with text messaging. But dont fret, rest assured the sound of immaculate voice-overs, memes, and your embarrassing videos will follow.

From the looks of things, the future of warfare may be space-centered as the company has some mighty contenders in the wing. AT&T made the first voice call via satellite last year. And Amazon’s Project Kuiper is gearing up for beta testing, aiming to provide satellite services for Verizon, NTT, and Vodafone.

Seems the stars have finally aligned for SpaceX this time, and we didnt even need to hurl humans to Mars for it to happen.

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I have never seen an environment with more innovation in the forty years I have been in the tech sector. It is breathtaking to see.

– Fred Wilson, VC since 1986

$11 billion. This is how much the largest clean energy project Pattern Energy Group in U.S. history has secured in financing to fully construct SunZia Transmission and SunZia Wind. SunZia will supply 3,000 MW of clean energy across western states.

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Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) is partnering with DigitalBridge to launch Articul8 AI, a new platform company aimed at AI-powered enterprise software. The venture builds on a successful proof-of-concept with Boston Consulting Group, utilizing Intel hardware and a mix of open-source and proprietary software to create a generative AI system for reading text and images, meeting stringent security requirements. Full story

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT): is inching towards reclaiming the crown of the most valuable U.S. company, narrowing the gap with Apple Inc. Currently valued at $2.73 trillion, Microsoft is trailing Apple by just about $100 billion, with Apple holding a valuation of $2.83 trillion. The last time Apple was valued less than Microsoft was in a 14-session period that concluded on November 17, 2021. The market-cap difference hasn’t been this minimal since November 22, 2021. Full story

Samsung is set to unveil its latest Galaxy mobile devices at the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event on Jan. 17. Expected additions include the Samsung Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra, following the focus on foldable devices in the last event. These new models are anticipated to push the boundaries of camera capabilities, with reservations for the S24 series now open. Full story

OpenAI is updating its terms to mitigate regulatory risk in the European Union. The AI technology is under investigation in the region for potential privacy issues, particularly related to data processing and generation about individuals. Watchdogs in Italy and Poland are among those probing data protection concerns. Full story

Roku (NASDAQ:ROKU), known for its TV streaming gadgets, is stepping into the high-end TV market with its new Pro Series. Coming this spring, the 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch models are priced up to $1,500. This move puts Roku in direct competition with big players like Samsung and LG, who already have models in this price range. Full story

OpenAI is currently engaged in discussions with numerous publishers to secure licensing deals for articles, expanding its efforts to gather content for training its artificial intelligence models. According to Tom Rubin, OpenAI’s chief of intellectual property and content, the negotiations are underway with several publishers, showing positive progress, with more deals expected to be announced in the future. Full story

Swaayatt Robots, an Indian autonomous driving company, proudly declares a groundbreaking achievementthe world’s first Level 5 autonomous driving capability. During a demonstration, their autonomous vehicle, the Mahindra Bolero, showcased its ability to navigate intricate traffic dynamics at a Toll Plaza, skillfully crossing highly unstructured toll-gates. Full story

According to Wall Street folklore, January market returns are believed to foreshadow the performance for the entire year. This has led some investors to ponder whether the recent early-year selloff is just a temporary hiccup or the beginning of a more prolonged downturn.

If January is positive, thats investors putting money to work, said Joe Ferrara, investment strategist at Gateway Investment Advisers. Theyre telling the Federal Reserve, the economy, the companies theyre investing in, that they think they can grow for this year.

Dear investors, although the market did not ring in as many of us expected, we can see that January has, indeed, given us a glimpse of what to expect for 2024 in terms of tech. As Fred Wilson aptly puts it, the tech sector is currently an innovation playground, leaving us breathless in its wake. 

So how do you feel about these developments?

Do you believe 2024 is going to bring us better and more efficient innovations?

Let us know by replying YES or NO to this email.

Thanks for reading, and may your investments thrive.

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