Market Analysis: S&P 500, Tesla, Apple and More

GM Investors, 😊

This week’s market is buzzing with potential breakthroughs.

From the S&P 500’s strategic moves to Tesla’s and Apple’s intriguing shifts, there’s a lot to unpack.

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Let’s dive into the unfolding dynamics shaping this week’s financial landscape.

S&P 500

SP500 has broken the green diagonal resistance and now rallying to challenge the old All Time Highs.

Can it break it on the second time of asking?

Around this time last year the SP500 rejected quite strongly.

Will we see the red resistance perform a smaller rejection this time around?

Or will it break beyond it completely?

I’d watch for a Weekly Close beyond red for a bullish scenario and as a result would tilt towards the bullish scenarios playing out for today’s tech stocks as well if the S&P500 is able to perform that bullish close.

Tesla β€” TSLA

In October, we spoke about TSLA’s Macro Downtrend and how price was going to likely revisit it in an attempt to potentially showcase a weakening support at $206:

If TSLA manages to hold here as support (and maybe even downside wick into the dashed orange level but manage to secure a Monthly Close above blue), at the very best TSLA could bounce back to the Macro Downtrend for what would be a lesser rally once again, for what would be a +21% move or so:

TSLA has since rally almost +20%, in line with this prediction:

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