Market Analysis: Tesla, Apple, Meta and More

GM Investors, 😊

This week, the market unfolds with Tesla edging toward a significant shift, Apple eyeing recent highs, and Meta’s surge capturing attention.

These key players are shaping the financial landscape, marking potential breakthroughs worth exploring.

Let’s dive in.

S&P 500

SP500 has revisited the old All Time Highs area (red).

This is a historic technical event.

It will be very interesting to see how the Monthly Candle Closes relative to this old All Time High resistance region.

Monthly Close above would set SP500 for new All Time Highs.

Tesla — TSLA

In October, we spoke about TSLA’s Macro Downtrend and how price was going to likely revisit it in an attempt to potentially showcase a weakening support at $206:

If TSLA manages to hold here as support (and maybe even downside wick into the dashed orange level but manage to secure a Monthly Close above blue), at the very best TSLA could bounce back to the Macro Downtrend for what would be a lesser rally once again, for what would be a +21% move or so:

TSLA has since rallied over +20%, in line with this prediction:

Here’s today’s update:

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