Tech Insights: Palantir (PLTR)

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For issue #7, we’re talking Palantir. So without further adieu . . .

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What We Think: Palantir is Close to the Money Printer 

We’re bullish on Palantir.

Why? Because Palantir provides essentials to the guardians of the U.S. money printer.

In our view, if the company can continue providing top-tier data analytics, while avoiding any data mishaps, then they’ll maintain a firm business foundation as they work to grow the private enterprise side of their business.

What Wall Street Thinks: Sell (41%) Hold (41%) Buy (17%)

The vast majority of Wall Street advisors are currently split between recommending a sell or hold on PLTR, with an average issued price target at $16.23.

A smaller minority recommend a buy at current prices.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. Money Mastery is simply reporting what some Wall Street firms are telling their clients.

Palantir’s Company Profile

In The Lord of the Rings, “palantir” were magical seeing-stones that allowed individuals to see events occurring in other parts of the world. If you swap seeing-stones with software, and world with big data, then you understand Palantir the company.

Palantir is a data analytics software company. Palantir helps organizations gather, analyze, and interpret data in order to develop insights, efficiencies, and achieve objectives.

Palantir currently sells four products. “Gotham” is a data analytics platform built primarily for government intelligence and law enforcement agencies. “Foundry” is the same, but sold to private enterprises. “API” is a platform that combines Gotham or Foundry with an AI large language model and machine learning. And “Apollo” is a data delivery system that ensures the up-time and constant delivery of Gotham, Foundry, and API across various network systems.

Palantir was founded in 2003, went public in 2020, and is headquartered in Denver, Colorado.

SWOT Analysis

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